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What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram

what happens when you restrict someone on instagram

This is the era of optimizing social media platforms for diversified purposes and Instagram is leading among them. Everyone is running after increasing their views, likes, and followers. But, just chasing after the number of followers without optimizing their effect on your profile can lead to social media mistakes.   With a good number of followers, […]

This Is How I Got 1k Followers On Instagram in 5 Minutes

How to Got 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

What if we tell you that gaining 1k followers on Instagram is as easy as riding a bicycle? Sounds absurd right? Well, it’s just like riding a bicycle for the first time. All you need is a good instructor, and you’re halfway there.  Almost 30% of the World’s entire population uses Instagram which accounts for […]

98+ Captions For Instagram To Drive More Impressions in 2024

98+ Captions for Instagram to Drive More Impressions

It’s irritating isn’t it when you want to upload something on IG but you just can’t find the perfect captions for Instagram post? Sometimes it’s just too long and sometimes the words are not enough to convey the exact context of the post. The struggle is real and we’ve all been there but not anymore. […]

View Instagram Stories Anonymously With These Sneaky Methods

how to view Instagram stories anonymously

Anonymity is cool, fun, and of course, fascinating! Anonymity is something that isn’t quite appreciated by Instagram. Despite that, one query is always trending across search engines which is “how to view Instagram stories anonymously?”  We understand that sometimes, you might not want the other person to know that you’ve viewed their IG story for […]

Instagram Bio Ideas – The Key to Attract Followers in 2024

Instagram Bio Ideas - The Key to Attract Followers in 2024

A few words are enough to sum up the complete crux of a profile and that’s exactly what an Instagram bio does. The landscape of Instagram is crawling with creativity merged in every element including the Instagram bio. But how can anyone come up with Instagram bio ideas that are creative, and sum up everything, […]

Top Proven Strategies to Boost Instagram Story Views in 2024

increase Instagram story views

It’s nothing less than a nightmare when your Instagram stories don’t get the attention they deserve. Reality hits hard when you figure out it’s actually happening. A declining graph of your Instagram story views is a big concern for your engagement and reach over Instagram. Well, worry not! We have drafted a set of proven […]

Why Can’t I Create an Instagram Account: 7 Issues & Solutions

Why Can't I Create an Instagram Account

Is Instagram not letting you create a new account?  Yes, it can be frustrating and leave you wondering “Why can’t I create an Instagram account?” Guess what, It’s a super easy process and usually takes a few moments to get your hands on a new IG account. As weird as it may sound, some reasons […]