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“I want to go Viral on Instagram!” You’re not alone if you’ve been thinking the same thing. Every other Instagram creator wishes to go Viral on Instagram but the fact is, only 2 out of a thousand IG creators actually end up going viral on the platform. However, most of them still have the motivation but no idea about how to go viral on Instagram.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you stand amongst those top 0.02% of creators who unlock Virality on Instagram. Hop on, because, in this blog, we’ll be sharing our top 13 Tips that have helped our customers go Viral on Instagram in just 3 days in the year 2024. 

So what exactly does it mean to go Viral on Instagram?

Virality on IG has been a hot topic amongst the creators where everyone defines the term as per their understanding and experience. For most, going viral simply means getting millions of views and likes, while for some it’s about getting recognized by the masses. But in reality, going Viral is beyond just numbers and more about creating content that leaves a solid impact on the audience.

The impact can be something as small as posting something that your audience loves and resonates with or it can be something as big as sparking a whole trend with your content. A recent example of the same is Billie Eilish’s recent Instagram story marketing tactic that she used to make her latest album go Viral.

The Irish-Scottish singer added her fans to her close friends list and uploaded stories to create hype around her album amongst her fans which actually made her stories and album go viral.

Billie Eilish’s recent Instagram story

What type of content goes viral on Instagram?

While going viral is merely luck and sometimes destiny of most profiles that end up going viral on Instagram, it’s also true that certain factors can multiply your chances of going Viral on the platform. Working on these factors can easily elevate your Virality chances if leveraged correctly.

So, what are these factors? Let’s find out:

Your niche matters – Choose the perfect niche to go Viral

A niche is any targeted genre that a creator targets on the platform through their content. Though there are thousands of content niches to choose from, there are some niches that work exceptionally well on IG like:

  • Educational and Informative: Educational content has always been one of the most favored niches of the Instagram algorithm. Many creators like JerryRigEverything and NASA’s Instagram handle never fail to snag millions of views and engagement on almost all of their content.
  • Inspirational: The norms are changing and with that, Instagram has been going through a phase where Inspirational content has started to emerge more than ever. Handles like thegoodquote and happsters have been working in the niche for years and it’s very rare for their posts to not go viral.
  • Relatable: Many creators have already the easiest trick to go Viral on Instagram which revolves around creating content that your audience can relate to and resonate with. Relatable content is loved by everyone which makes it super easy to go viral if someone creates content around the niche.

What is Considered Viral on Instagram?

Yes, the niche and your content matter but going viral isn’t simply about posting anything. There’s always a pattern that goes hand in hand with the chances of going viral on the platform. This pattern can be anything from the below mentioned signs:

  • Identifying and jumping into the latest trends definitely provides a first come first serve advantage which is a common trait of many viral reels and posts.
  • Viral content is commonly of a very high quality in all possible ways. It boils down to the smallest details starting from the quality of the audio to the quality of the video, everything is almost picture-perfect.
  • The creators that go Viral emphasize more on delivering clear and easy to understand content. This ensures that they get as many replays as possible and hopefully, more shares and engagement in the process.

Mind you that these are mere signs and patterns that are usually noticed in viral Instagrammers and following these won’t be enough to actually go viral. 

If you wish to grow on IG then here are some actionable tips that will definitely help you go viral on Instagram:

  1. Generating visually appealing content
  2. Time to write some Long Captions
  3. Clickbait your audience with custom covers
  4. Introduce AI in your content creation
  5. Explore Google Trends
  6. Reels as your key to success
  7. Investing in social media growth service
  8. Strategize and Analyze your Metrics
  9. Instagram hates copycats
  10. Don’t forget those Hashtags
  11. Collaborate with brands and creators
  12. Engage personally with your audience
  13. Integrate reels with stories

Here’s How to Go Viral on Instagram in 3 Days

As discussed in the section above, there are many tricks that exist around the platform that, if used correctly can definitely set you on the path of going viral. So, here are our top 13 tips to go viral in just about 3 days!

1. Generating visually appealing content

Visually appealing content has always been a steak on IG. And why not? Appealing content never fails to attract the audience, make them admire your posts, and most importantly, engage with the content making it go viral.

When it comes to visually appealing content, the first IG handle that pops up is Samsung. The brand’s IG feed is full of stunning visuals, posts, and reels that have left us awestruck almost every single time their posts appeared in our feed.

Samsung Profile Page

2. Time to write some Long Captions

Have you noticed those really long irrelevant captions about Nissan GTR and Definition of memes? Most people would think “why would someone even write such a caption? It’s of no relevance” but what if we tell you one of the possible reasons that post/reel is on your feed?

Recently, Instagrammers figured out that long captions are preferred and organically promoted by the algorithm multiplying the chances of going viral by almost 230%. So maybe you can try writing longer yet relevant captions for your posts and reels and leverage the algorithm to boost your visibility.

long caption to go viral on instagram

3. Clickbait your audience with custom covers

Customizing covers has always proved to be an effective marketing tactic as it naturally increases the click rate and view count of an IG post. However, you should make sure that even if your cover is clickbait, it should be somewhat relevant to the content that’s inside your reel or post that you upload.

4. Introduce AI in your content creation

With the introduction of AI video tools in recent years, the scope and methodology of content creation have started to change rapidly. Meta has already recognized the power of AI content tools and has introduced a dedicated ‘created with AI’ toggle button for Instagram. Instagrammers can now create and upload AI generated content on the platform and just check the ‘created with AI’ button to tell the algorithm that they used AI for that particular content.

Since it’s a new feature, the IG algorithm has been promoting and showing more AI generated content throughout the platform to test its future on the platform. You can easily use this trick to go viral almost instantly on Instagram.

AI generated toggle button

5. Explore Google Trends

This is one of the lesser known tricks on Instagram which has helped hundreds of creators in planning their content and going Viral on IG. Google Trends is Google’s very own research tool that has a complete library of ongoing trends, keywords, and even potential trends that might rule the platform in the near future.

If used smartly, anyone can identify the trends while they’re in the making, create content around them, and ultimately go viral on IG.

6. Reels are your key to success

Reels, Instagram’s very own short video segment has emerged as one of the most influential and successful media forms on the platform. It’s no secret that TikTok’s direct competitor, ‘Reels’ has taken the platform by storm to such an extent that IG is being called a video sharing platform now.

As a creator, you can start creating reels to get the algorithmic edge and earn more visibility for your profile. In fact, it’s seen that posting reels can single-handedly spike up a profile’s impressions, reach, and engagement by over 700%.

7. Investing in social media growth service

Social media growth service providers like Buyrealactivefollowers.com have recently emerged as one of the quickest and most effective ways to gain instant visibility, engagement, and organic growth.

With their service, you can buy Instagram likes to increase your engagement like never before to get noticed by the algorithm for unmatched growth.

8. Strategize and Analyze

You can easily convert your account into a creator or business account to get access to your profile and post metrics. You can analyze these metrics to strategize better and find what works best for your audience.

You can analyze and choose the best time to post on Instagram, create more content in the niche that works best for you, and strategize to create a better content calendar for your profile.

9. Instagram hates copycats

We understand that it gets hectic to create content for multiple platforms but it doesn’t mean that you should be uploading the same watermarked videos on every other platform.

If you have a TikTok account then make sure that you either save a watermark-free version of your videos so you can upload it on your IG profile. Posting the watermark version on your profile can result in almost no results and even shadowbanning of your profile and content.

10. Don’t forget those Hashtags

You know how you can just book and sit in your Uber and your driver would drop you off at your location without asking any questions? Just like that, hashtags are the drivers of Instagram that you can include in your captions to help your content reach your target audience and ultimately go viral on the platform.

Instagram allows the addition of at most 30 Hashtags but you should use only 5-7 Hashtags to avoid getting marked as spam by the algorithm which can even end up in account suspension.

11. Collaborate with brands and creators

Another easy way to grow on Instagram is by collaborating with other brands, businesses, and creators on the platform.

Collaborating with other creators and businesses on the same niches can easily help you appear on the Explore Page of your collaborator’s audience providing you with more visibility in the process.

You can even take this to the next level by incorporating new and innovative collaboration ideas like celebs who collaborate with brands to go Viral. This tactic is often used by brands like Adidas who keep collaborating with sportsmen for more visibility. 

brand collaboration

12. Engage personally with your audience

Are you tired of investing thousands into your marketing programs and campaigns? What if we tell you that you can easily get more engagement and visibility for absolutely $0 and bare minimum effort?

Yes, it’s true and you can easily do it by engaging with your audience in your comments sections, DMs, and even via stories.

Not only will this help you increase your engagement but also help build a one-on-one connection and trust with your audience elevating your chances to appear on the Explore Page.

Many brands like @venommovie and @marvel regularly engage with their audience and followers to keep the hype up around their movies. As a small brand/business, you can also use the same strategy and increase your engagement for continued growth.

make your audience feel connected

13. Integrate reels with stories

Ever heard of the motion of the ocean? Here, the context of the motion revolves around giving your profile momentum that pushes through the hardships and helps your content reach a relatively better and larger audience.

One of the most effective methods to pull this off is using both reels and stories together. You can either:

  • Post your reels and posts to your stories for more IG views and engagement
  • Host giveaways and contests on your stories to drive more traffic to your profile
  • Create stories with call to action asking your audience to tag your profile in their stories.
  • As a business, you can share your customer reviews to build credibility, get more visibility, and even go viral through stories alone.
  • Check out our dedicated blog for the best tips and tricks to increase story views.

Key Takeaways

  • Going viral is not just about soaring numbers and engagement but about creating content that people can relate with, share out of joy, and come back to watch it again and again.
  • Your content niche plays a vital role in determining whether your content will go viral and leave an impact on the platform or not.
  • Almost every viral reel and post has a similar pattern that makes the post actually go viral on the platform. Identifying these patterns for your own profile can turn out to be really helpful in strategizing your content.
  • The tips discussed in this blog have been researched thoroughly and cross-checked for their effectiveness and results. You can put your 100% faith in them and start implementing them in your strategy for quick and better results.

Go Claim your Insta Success!

IG is an unpredictable platform, the dynamics are ever-changing, and the marketing tactics that worked yesterday might not work today, and what works today might become irrelevant in the future. However, there’s one thing that’ll remain constant and that’s Virality!

The scope of going Viral on Instagram is an undying wish of almost every other Instagrammer. And this everlasting wish is the very reason that gives rise to the most asked queries on Instagram including ‘How to go Viral on Instagram’.

So if you ever feel lost and feel there’s no hope of going viral on the platform, you can always come back to the 13 tips we discussed in this blog and light up your path to Viral Instagram Success!

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