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What are IG Comments?

Instagram comments are a kind of feedback that viewers can give to a creator in the comments section of their posts. Through comments, your viewers can share their thoughts, opinions, appreciation and even critical criticism which can help you grow as a creator.

You can use the comments positively by addressing any complaints or suggestions your viewers might have with your content. 

Moreover, Instagram comments are one of the best sources of engagement which can fuel your organic growth in the long term and push you on the path of your digital success.

Buy Instagram Comments from Buyrealactivefollowers

What are Good Comments for Instagram?

There are two types of comments on Instagram, Good comments and Bad comments (spam). Your goal should always be to focus on getting as many good comments as you can on your posts.

A comment is considered good when it is relevant to the particular post, addresses any element of the post, appreciates the creator or the content, or anything like that. 

Having good and relevant comments on your Instagram posts can be noticed by the algorithm as a positive sign which further pushes your content to a broader audience.

Importance of Instagram Comments

Instagram comments have always been important for everyone who seeks growth of the platform. The algorithm considers very few parameters while calculating the engagement of a profile and the number of comments one has on their profile is one of the most important parameters of them all.

There are several reasons why Instagram comments have become so important in these times:

  • Drives solid engagement
  • Promotes organic success
  • Increases visibility
  • It helps the algorithm in understanding your niche
  • Can help creators and brands improve their content/products through critical criticism.
Why Should You Buy Comments on Instagram?

Having lots of comments on your IG posts is always a great thing because it’s considered as positive engagement by the algorithm which is great for your long-term growth on the platform.

However, increasing your comments organically can be very challenging and requires lots of effort and smart value callout strategies which is not possible for most people out there. This is where you can use our expertise to buy custom Instagram comments and:

  • Increase your engagement.
  • Get more comments.
  • Enhance your visibility.
  • Build your business/profile authority.
  • Spread positivity about your products and services as a business.
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Why Should You Choose BuyRealActiveFollowers?

BuyRealActiveFollowers is one of the best social media growth services that is trusted by thousands of creators and businesses in reaching their digital milestones and growth over multiple platforms. Many people buy Instagram views, comments, likes, and many other services from us to elevate their profile beyond imaginable horizons.

If you’ve hit the plateau in your Instagram journey then you can put your trust in our services and buy Instagram comments from us for:

  • Quickly delivered comments
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Safe and secured payment
  • Long-term organic growth
  • Enhanced visibility
  • 24/7 customer support
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Should You Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Real Comments?

Hashtags are a very powerful tool that can take your content’s visibility off the charts in almost no time. Usually, you just post something on Instagram and wait for people to discover your post. But with hashtags, you can directly make your post visible to the audience of your choice.

Instagram lets users comment with hashtags in the comments section which can award you with more engagement and quality viewers. This way, your organic impressions will increase like never before and your posts can even end up on the Instagram Explore page.

The key here is to make sure that the hashtags used in your comments are relevant to your post or niche which will award you with maximum visibility.


Buy Instagram Real Comments for More Engagement

Buying Instagram comments is a great way to establish social proof for your audience, but one of the best benefits that you’ll gain is a surge in your organic engagement.

The sudden increase in your comments is noticed by the IG algorithm which starts suggesting your posts to a broader audience. This new audience, then likes and comments on your posts, increasing your engagement even further. 

However, if your ultimate goal is to increase your engagement, then you can also buy Instagram Reels likes and see your engagement grow in real-time.

Our Top Tips on How to Get More Comments on Instagram

Increasing your Instagram comments organically can be a very tricky and time-consuming process. However, there are certain ways that you can use to get more comments on your IG posts.

  • Create Quality Content: You can focus on creating and uploading quality content to engage your audience by commenting on your posts.
  • Use Callouts: You can ask your new viewers and loyal followers to share your posts with their networks via stories and direct messaging.
  • Consistency is the key: You need to stay consistent with your content creation to attract new audiences to your posts who would engage with your posts as comments, likes, and shares.
  • Use social media growth services: You can buy verified Instagram comments from BuyRealActiveFollowers to increase your comments instantly. You can also buy Instagram views from us to reach a wider audience for more views and comments.
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