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What are Instagram impressions?

Most people upload their content on Instagram for just one reason and that is to show their content to the world out there. Doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, influencer, brand, or business, everything you post on Instagram is displayed to over 2.5 billion Instagrammers on the platform.

An impression is counted whenever your post is displayed on the feed of an Instagram user. To explain it simply, every time your posts, videos, or reels are shown on someone’s feed, the algorithm counts it as an impression.


Buy Instagram Impressions From Buyrealactivefollowers

Why Should You Buy Instagram Impressions?

Buying Instagram impressions can turn out to be one of the best decisions that you can make in your digital growth journey. If used strategically, you can easily amplify your digital presence and expect to gain multiple benefits from our service like:

  • Enhanced reach: Increasing your Instagram Impressions will directly impact your reach on Instagram. This reach can help you get noticed by quality viewers who will contribute to your overall profile’s growth.


  • More followers: The increased reach and visibility that you’ll gain after you buy Instagram Impressions can even snag you some free followers. All you’ll need to do is, create valuable content for your audience to engage them into following you.


  • Increased engagement: When you buy Instagram impressions, your engagement is destined to spike in no time. The unparalleled reach, visibility, viewers, and followers that you gain in the process can end up interacting with your posts as likes, comments and shares which can increase your engagement.

  • More sales and conversions: As a brand or business, buying and increasing your Instagram impressions can help you effortlessly promote your products and services to millions of people on the platform.


  • Going viral: If you’re an aspiring influencer or a public figure, then buying IG impressions can do wonders for you. Increasing your impressions with our services will guarantee more views on your posts that can ultimately trigger the algorithm into helping you go viral organically.
Does Buy Instagram Impression Work?

Buying Instagram impressions can work like magic for your Instagram profile considering all the benefits that you can gain from the investment. You can easily gain more reach, impressions, engagement, and views if you buy Instagram Impressions for your story, posts, reels, or videos.

Moreover, buying Intagram Impressions can also help you build awareness about your brand, business, or public profile to supercharge your success journey.

And finally, if you buy IG Impressions from BuyRealActiveFollowers, you can expect a surge of miscellaneous benefits like, regular organic growth, more visibility, and even increased sales if you’re a business.


Buy Instagram Impressions Cheap
Why Should You Choose Us to Buy Instagram Impressions?

BuyRealActiveFollowers has been termed the best social media growth service on the internet for many reasons. With our social media expertise, years of experience, variety of services, and trust of millions of regular customers, we have ruled the market for over 10 years now.

Thousands of Instagrammers use our services to buy Instagram Impressions regularly and meet their digital goals because we bring:

  • 100% real Impressions: We make sure that the impressions you buy from us are from 100% authentic IG users.


  • Cheap and affordable prices: We offer a variety of packages at the cheapest and most affordable prices on the internet.


  • Instant Delivery: No more waiting! Our quick AI-based system starts delivering your impressions right after you place your order.


  • Privacy Protection: We never ask for your passwords and our website has multiple security layers to keep your private data safe from any third parties.


  • Secured Payments: We provide multiple payment options through the most trusted payment gateways in the world like Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard, Diners, Amex, Crypto, and more.


  • Long-term Organic Growth: The impressions you buy from us contribute to your engagement, reach, and visibility which ultimately enhances your long-term growth.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our customer support executives are always ready to solve any issues that you might face while using our services. Just get in touch and we’ll sort it out withing minutes.
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What Are the Differences Between Impressions and Reach?

Instagram Impressions and reach are often confused by most Instagrammers because of the similarities amongst the two terms. However, you’ll find our that the two are not so similar and play very different roles in a profile if you dig into the details.

  • Instagram Impressions

IG impression is simply the number of times your post is displayed on feeds of Instagram users. The algorithm counts it as one impression every time your post is suggested or shown on a person’s feed.

The number of impression isn’t the only metric that defines your success on the platform, but it’s one of the most important metrics that is considered by the algorithm to organically promote your content.

  • Instagram reach

Instagram reach is the number of people that actually see your post. It’s different from an impression because impressions are counted even if no one watches your post. On the other hand, a reach is only counted when a user stops to watch your post.

As brands and creators, your reach matters a lot because it defines how many people you’re actually reaching. You can later use this data to refine your strategies and increase your visibility, engagement, popularity, and sales in the long run.

How Can Buying Instagram Impressions Help Your Business Profile?

As a business, buying impressions for your Instagram posts can easily help you win the Instagram game and reach out to millions of potential customers that are scattered around the platform. Businesses can buy Instagram impressions to enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Buying Instagram impressions simply mean that you’re making your content visible to a larger audience. This visibility, boost can be a great way to build awareness for your brand and products.

  • Competitive edge: Not every business succeeds in marketing through Instagram but you can easily do so by buying IG impressions to gain a competitive edge and surpass other businesses in your niche.

  • Gaining Insights: Buying Instagram impressions can be a great way to gather data and insights to enhance your online marketing strategies for maximum output.

  • Increased Sales: An increase in your sales is the best benefit that a business is guaranteed to gain if they buy Instagram Impressions from BuyRealActiveFollowers for cheap prices.

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Every time Instagram’s algorithm shows your post to a viewer, it is counted as an impression.

It is simply the number of times your post is displayed through your profile.