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It’s nothing less than a nightmare when your Instagram stories don’t get the attention they deserve. Reality hits hard when you figure out it’s actually happening. A declining graph of your Instagram story views is a big concern for your engagement and reach over Instagram.

Well, worry not! We have drafted a set of proven ways to increase IG story views, from ‘Captivating story visuals’ to ‘engaging stickers’ are all covered. This will help you streamline your Instagram stories strategy which will pay off in the long run.

Now it’s time to wave – BYE BYE to low Instagram story views!

Understanding How to Get More Instagram Story Views

Instagram stories are a great way to enhance your presence on the platform. With high views comes high followers and engagement. Therefore, it is necessary to increase your visibility on the platform and gain more instagram story views.

Here, we have crafted a list with top tried and tested strategies to help you elevate your IG story game.

1. Create Captivating Visuals

Crafting stories with high-quality visuals and eye-catching colour pallets can keep the audience hooked to your stories. One needs to come up with unique content ideas to stay prominent in the IG world. 

Creativity sparks curiosity. Your audience will stick and restlessly wait for you to post your stories which in turn drives more story views on Instagram.

2. Beat your own posting consistency 

Posting your stories timely can serve as an Instagram story views booster. All you have to do is: 

  • Plan your content calendar 
  • Decide the frequency of stories to post in a day
  • Making Instagram story drafts and scheduling 

This will save you from the last-minute mess that might happen while posting your Instagram stories.

3. Polls to QUES

Features like GIFs and polls can intimidate the story viewer and generate eagerness to engage with the story. Asking questions and giving options makes a user-friendly interface to interact with IG stories, thereby increasing viewer count.

Starting a series with daily quizzes and questions using Polls tends to retain the daily audience and bring in new viewers to interact with the Stories.

4. Eye-catching stickers  

Search for stickers that drive engagement to your stories and captivate the viewers. You can even use GIFs in your stories to make them enjoyable.

Stickers like ‘Add yours’ can help your story reach millions of people instantly and bring free Instagram story views to your account. You can even add a ‘Mention’ sticker to help the viewer tag another person which in turn will increase viewership of your stories. 

5. Using relevant hashtags 

What’s more to add in stories that can bring a massive change in your Instagram story views? Well, don’t miss out on Hashtags. Using hashtags that are relevant to your niche and content can generate organic traffic to your stories.

You must apply some common hashtags to make your stories go viral. Some of these tags are : 

  • #trending
  • #viral
  • #foryou
  • #explorepage
  • #explore
  • #instagood 

Make sure to keep these hidden so that the audience doesn’t get an idea of your strategy. Highlighting the important and relevant hashtags should be your focus to increase story views on Instagram.

6. Spin the wheel: Stories to Highlights

You will come across various stories of yours that are exceptional and should stay forever on your profile. Worry not, Instagram has it all covered. 

‘Highlights’ feature on IG helps you to keep your stories permanently on your Insta profile. It allows you to add multiple stories altogether. You can even customize them based on their theme which makes it easy for viewers to find out and view your stories.

To turn stories into highlights:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile page 
  2. Tap on the icon at the top right corner
  3. Choose ‘Archive’ > select the story 
  4. Click on the highlight icon at the bottom of the story> name the highlight > done.

7. Collab with popular brands

Collaborating with brands and other creators can bring more views from the audience of both accounts. Getting in touch with popular brands having a high volume of followers can help you get a wider audience base.

The perks of collaboration should not be overlooked. It will help you reach different niches and generate higher Instagram story views. The trust you build with brands helps you in further content promotion.

8. Posting at the right hour ⏰

Having an Idea about the best time to upload your Instagram stories helps you get more views in the blink of an eye. Analyze your Instagram metrics and find out the hours when your content performs well and reaches a mass audience.

Don’t blindly follow a specific time listed over the internet. Do your research and figure out what’s best for your content. This will work as a great strategy to welcome a giant volume of views on your IG stories.

9. Invest for high returns in Story views 

Nowadays, People have made up their minds to increase the IG metrics by hook or by crook. Various tools and services are available to the user to enhance their Instagram story views. One should know how to leverage them efficiently.

Services like buy Instagram story views help in the instant upliftment of the view count. The buyer must beware of Fake Instagram story views and should only consider authentic service providers to claim such services.

Spike your IG Story Views with BuyRealActiveFollowers 

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Wrapping Up

To elevate your Instagram story views and become the talk of the town, all it requires is effective and proven strategies that include creative content, collaborations, the use of hashtags and stickers, and the most vital: Consistency.

By implementing these strategies, you will figure out how to stay ahead of your competition and boost your visibility with Instagram stories.

As Instagram continues to evolve, staying updated with features like Close Friends and Drafts on Instagram is necessary to stay ahead in the game of building a solid Instagram presence.

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