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How to get add yours on Instagram

Isn’t it a pain to ask your friends for your pictures from that last trip you guys had? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just share some sort of digital album with anyone to collect and share all your memories in one place? IG had the same idea, and that’s when they rolled out their latest feature ‘Add Yours on Instagram’. 

It allows users to create super cool and engaging stories with custom prompts to engage their audiences. It’s a relatively new feature but is already being used by millions of Instagrammers. However, there’s still a huge chunk of users that don’t have access to the feature yet. So if you’re tired of searching “how to get add yours on Instagram”, rest up because this blog will answer all your queries about the feature.

What is the Add Yours Instagram feature?

How to Get Add Yours on Instagram

Suppose you had a great hiking trip with your friends and once you’re back home, you and your friends post stories of your trip on Instagram. Now, there’s nothing uncommon here and it has always been like this but wouldn’t it be better if all your friends’ stories were collected at a single place for the world to see?

That’s exactly what the Add Yours Instagram feature does. It allows IG users to post a story or even Instagram reel with the sticker and anyone who uses the same prompt sticker to post a story gets featured in the sticker. Moreover, the Add Yours sticker features stories that can be viewed by anyone who taps on your Add Yours story sticker creating a digital album of memories for the world to see.

How to Get Add Yours on Instagram?

The feature is kinda new to the platform but has gone viral in almost no time. But the thing is that most Instagrammers have no idea about how to access this fun and engaging sticker. So if you’re someone who’s been struggling to get their hands on this feature, here’s what you can do:

  • Try updating your IG app
  • Clear cache or re-install the application
  • Find the sticker in some other creator’s story and try to use it from there
  • Contact Instagram support if none of this works for you

How to find Add Yours on Instagram?

How to find Add Yours on Instagram

We understand that this feature is new for most of you which is a major reason why many people don’t have any idea about how to access this feature. It’s no rocket science and wouldn’t take more than a few clicks. Follow these steps and you’ll find the Add Yours sticker

  1. Open the Instagram application and click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select story and create a story of your choice
  3. Once done, click the stickers icon and select the ‘Add Yours’ sticker
  4. Select ‘Add Yours Templates’ if you want to randomize a prompt for your audience

How to find specific Add Yours Stickers on Instagram?

Finding specific Add Yours stickers can be a little tricky but not impossible. However, we’d suggest that if a creator has a specific theme or idea about the Add Yours sticker in their head then it’d be a great idea to create an Add Yours prompt from scratch instead of finding a specific one.

But for everyone who doesn’t want to put in that extra effort and wants a specific sticker anyway, here’s your solution:

Search for your specific Hashtag

You can try searching for your sticker with a hashtag. Suppose you want an add yours sticker for photography, then you can search #mobilephotography or #photography to get access to all the reels posted with the same hashtag. 

Once you’ve found a reel with the same hashtag, you can use it for your own story or reel and snag tons of free Instagram likes and even boost Instagram story views.

How to find Trending Add Yours on Instagram?

Finding a trendy Add Yours sticker is a lot easier than finding a specific one. All you need to do is search for trending hashtags, music, or even creators who post regular stories. 

You’ll likely find many trendy add yours stickers this way to use for your Instagram stories and reels and get thousands of free Instagram views

Moreover, there’s one more way that anyone can try and that is to use the suggestions in the Add Yours Template sticker. It provides some of the most commonly used and trendy Add Yours prompts for IG stories. 

Leverage Add Yours on Instagram to grow your profile

Add Yours sticker is a relatively new feature on Instagram and most people are not even aware of all the benefits they can gain from it. The sticker might not seem like anything important from the outside but the truth is that there are numerous use cases of the feature.

1. For Regular IG Users

You must’ve noticed many influencers, public figures, and even actors using Add Yours on Instagram. As a regular IG user, you can do the same and ask your friends and family to use your sticker for posting their stories.

Let’s suppose you have a family get-together or a small party with your friends, then you can draft a story with the Add Yours Sticker. You can add a prompt like “Here’s my POV from the last night, what’s yours?”. Using a prompt like that can be a great way to make your audience use your prompt and share their Point of View (POV) from the event for everyone else to see.

2. For Professional IG Users

Professionals might feel that the feature might not provide them with much value, but what they don’t know is that it can be used as a great tool to gain tons of engagement. Professionals like public figures, artists, creators, and even businesses can use the Add Yours sticker in their stories and IG reels with Call to Actions as a prompt. 

This would ensure that you get the most value out of the feature with minimum effort. The best way to use the sticker is definitely after or during an event to make sure that everyone who attended your event engages with your story. 

The sticker is designed in such a way that it plays with the psyche of the viewers and develops a fear of missing out. This FOMO later compels the viewers to use the sticker themselves and post their POVs with your prompt.

To make sure you get the most value out of the Add Yours Sticker, you can buy Instagram story views from Buyrealactivefollowers. This would ensure that your stories get in front of millions of viewers to make them engage with your stories and fuel your organic growth.

Wrapping it up

The Add Yours sticker feature is a total game changer when it comes to snagging engagement on Instagram. It has made the job a lot easier and creators have gone really crazy with their ideas to enhance the use case of the sticker. Despite being a new feature the potential it holds is so great that it’s speculated that it’ll never go out of trend.

The best part about Add yours is that it can be used on both stories as well as reels posts to elevate the user experience while providing an additional benefit to creators. Speaking of posts, did you know that Instagram recently added some useful features that can help you manage and find your Instagram drafts? The feature is a lifesaver and we highly recommend that you check it out!

People Also Ask

1. Can you add your photo to Instagram story?

The add yours sticker is just a feature and it doesn’t restrict the use of images on Instagram stories. You can add your photo to your Instagram story and use the add yours Instagram sticker on it without any problems.

2. Why can’t I use Add Yours sticker on Instagram?

You should consider the following steps if you can’t use the Add Yours sticker on Instagram:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Update your application to the latest version
  • Try using the feature from other creators’ stories and see if it works for you.

3. How do I customize my add yours sticker prompt on Instagram?

The Add Yours Instagram feature provides both random prompts and custom prompt generation options. To generate a random prompt, you just have to click on the dice icons at the bottom of the Add Yours sticker.

However, if you want a custom prompt, then you can click on the text space provided on the sticker itself to type in the prompt of your choice.

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