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Why am I losing followers on Instagram

Hey, Insta creators! Have you ever woken up and checked out your profile, only to see something weird on your followers list? Your follower count seems to be slightly less and it leaves you wondering, why am I losing followers on Instagram? It’s alright pal! We all have been there. This blog will clarify your doubts and enable you to get back on your Instagram follower count.

5 Possible Reasons & Solutions for Losing Followers on Instagram

Instagram Followers are your audience, the incredible people who see your pics, stories, and Reels. They are the secret to your Instagram success and losing them can affect your account visibility on the platform.

There can be several reasons behind you randomly losing followers on Instagram like irrelevant content, being promotional, and more. Let’s explore 5 such possible reasons in detail:

Inconsistent Posting

Imagine scrolling through your feed and seeing the same content day in and day out. Not exactly thrilling, right? Followers crave fresh, engaging content. If your posting schedule is not consistent, people might lose interest and hit that unfollow button. You can lose upto 20% of your followers due to inconsistent posting on Instagram.

Solution: Revamp Your Posting Strategy

One should focus on high-quality content that blends with the interests of their targeted audience. You can also mix things up once in a while. Try using images, storylines, or even short clips from various events. Keep adapting your posting strategy according to the changing algorithm of the platform. This will help you get free Instagram followers on your account.

Irrelevant Content

Posting Irrelevant Content results in losing followers

Let’s be honest, even the most captivating personalities can’t please everyone. The content you post should resonate with your target audience. If you’ve suddenly switched from posting mouthwatering food pics to deep philosophical quotes, your followers who came for the food might be left scratching their heads and can unfollow you.

Solution: Track Your Account Regularly

Instagram Insights is your friend. Use this tool to analyze your post-performance, track follower demographics, and see what resonates with your audience. This valuable information will help you refine your content strategy and tailor it to what your followers truly enjoy. This can help you gain more followers in a short time on your account.

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Posting a Controversial Statement

Your followers are individuals with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. A statement that resonates with one person might deeply offend another. Posting something controversial can eliminate a portion of your audience, especially if it hurts their core values.

In 2020, a similar incident happened when a well-known make-up artist, Jeffree Star made racially insensitive comments as well as involved himself in racist acts. This led to Star losing  50k followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Solution: Avoid Being Controversial

Try to give a neutral opinion on any topic on social media that won’t trigger your followers. Also, avoid involving yourself in any online fight with fellow creators or followers. 

Being Too Promotional?

Imagine your email overflowing with promotional messages. Annoying, right? The same goes for Instagram. A purely promotional feed feels spammy and inauthentic. Followers want to feel a connection with the brands they follow, not just a constant pressure to buy something.

Solution: Balance Your Promotional Account

Let’s be honest, a healthy balance is key. Some promotions are right, but they shouldn’t be all that you care about. Try the 80/20 rule: 80% of your Instagram page should consist of engaging content and 20% promotional posts. That is when you give value and still keep entertaining people on social media about your products/ services.

Instagram Might Shadowbanned You

A shadowban by Instagram happens when the app limits user visibility without any notice. Have you noticed that “My Instagram followers are decreasing automatically?”

Sometimes, Instagram might temporarily shadowban an account for violating its terms of service (like using banned hashtags). This can significantly reduce your reach and follower growth. 

Solution: Remove the Post that Caused Shadowbanned

Remove the post that triggered the shadowban. Delete recent posts with hashtags to ensure they aren’t causing the issue. Take a break from posting for a few days to let the shadowban lift.

Bonus Tips to Stop Losing Followers on IG

Now that we have recognized the potential reasons behind your followers dropping on Instagram, let’s get into some common tactics to gain more followers on Instagram.

Spark Conversation with Your Audience

Respond to comments regularly, host Q&A sessions, and participate in relevant conversations on your posts. Run polls and ask questions to encourage interaction. Interacting with your audience will also help you gain free Instagram views on your content.

Optimize Your Hashtags

Hashtags are like magic keywords on Instagram. Research relevant hashtags that your target audience uses and incorporate them into your posts. Don’t go overboard, though! Stick to 3 to 5 relevant hashtags per post and you will start to gain 12% more likes on your IG posts.

Use Stories and Reels

Take advantage of Instagram Stories and Reels to showcase behind-the-scenes content, share quick tips, or entertain your audience. These features can help increase story views and make your followers come back to your profile for more.

Ready to win the followers game?

Losing followers on Instagram can be seen as a normal part of using the app. The main objective is to find out the reasons why the number dropped and eventually correct them. Making quality content, interacting with followers or subscribers, and changing your plan of action according to statistics data are the things that are vital in turning your follower’s decline into a steady climb.

People Also Ask

1. Why do I experience follower loss shortly after I share reels?

If you share irrelevant content on your reels, your followers won’t find it connecting and they might unfollow you at the very moment they see your reel.

2. Why do my instagram followers keep going up and down?

Your Instagram follower count sometimes fluctuates due to some of your followers being bots or inactive. It may also happen when some of your followers deactivate or delete their accounts.

3. Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, if you buy instagram followers from a trusted growth service provider like

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