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How to Got 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

What if we tell you that gaining 1k followers on Instagram is as easy as riding a bicycle? Sounds absurd right? Well, it’s just like riding a bicycle for the first time. All you need is a good instructor, and you’re halfway there. 

Almost 30% of the World’s entire population uses Instagram which accounts for over 2.5 billion users. Now, we can be your instructor if you want to ride the bicycle of your success and gain 1k followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes from these billions of accounts. Want to learn how? HOP ON!

Why do IG users want to get 1k followers on Instagram?

Times have changed, and growth comes quickly for those who are ready to put in effort. Everyone on Instagram is obsessed with numbers now. The number of IG likes they get, the number of views they have, and most importantly, the number of people that follow them.

The race to ace the platform is at its peak and it’s a piece of cake for many Instagram influencers out there who end up gaining 1k followers within minutes. This trend usually lights the fire of growth amongst regular IG users who start aiming to get 1k followers on Instagram like those well-known personalities. But how? Let’s find out.

Road to 1k followers on Instagram – 9 Best Strategies

Instagram is a twisted platform, and there’s absolutely no way to find its exact working algorithm. Everyone with an account on IG wants to gain followers and why not? More followers bring in more visibility, and with that comes popularity. But the question arises, how to get 1k followers on Instagram? Well, we’re here with the 9 best strategies that anyone can use to boost their followers instantly!

1. Squeeze in some consistency

Procrastination and inconsistency are two of the biggest enemies of creators and businesses on Instagram. You must stop if you’re making the mistake of staying inconsistent with your content posting schedule. Inconsistency might not affect you immediately but in the long run, the algorithm will definitely notice it and thrash your account in the dungeons of Instagram.

So your best bet is to squeeze in some consistency which will make your profile and content more visible over time. And as your account grows, your followers will grow as well eventually reaching a point where you’ll be gaining 1k followers within minutes.

2. Include Call to Action (CTAs) in your content

Engagement plays a vital role when it comes to growing organically on Instagram. Now, there are many ways for an Instagram creator to gain engagement but if we had to choose the best of them, then it has to be Call to Actions aka CTAs.

Using Call to Actions in reels, stories, and even your posts can be a great way to engage your audience, compel them to comment on your posts, and redirect them however you want. 

Upon discussion with multiple creators, we arrived at the conclusion that creators with a few hundred followers can expect a growth of 5-10% in their follower count. At the same time, established creators and business profiles can expect anywhere around a 1-3% spike in their follower number.

3. Enable Creator/Business account for your profile

Do you know what happens when you try to open a locked door? It doesn’t open, right? So what do we do to open a locked door? We use a key!

Just like that, you won’t be able to grow your followers quickly if you have a private account. With a private account, anyone who’s not following you won’t get access to your content thus, you’ll lose a ton of potential followers. In this case, making your account public can be the key to boosting your follower growth.

4. Start using relevant hashtags

Do you ever think how cool it’d be if you could just target the audience of your choice? Just imagine how easier it’d get to increase followers on Instagram if you could do that.

Use Hashtags for 1K followers on Instagram

The thing is that a feature does exist that lets creators target any audience of their choice. We’re talking about the good old Hashtags. The most versatile tool on Instagram that allows users to choose the audience they want to share their content with, increase their visibility, and ultimately gain Instagram followers in the realest and quickest way.

As per the trends, you can expect an increase of 12.8% in your engagement and a follower increase of around 3-11% if you use relevant hashtags with your content. For example, if you post pictures of nature then using hashtags like #nature #naturephotography #photography in your IG post caption can easily help reach a very vast audience and even increase your followers. 

5. Host Giveaways and Live Sessions

Giveaways hold similar significance like Call to Actions. The only difference is that giveaways are much more engaging and are much more effective when it comes to compelling your audience to take an initiative.

You can giveaway something as small as a gift voucher to get started and engage your audience. To take this a step further, many creators host their giveaways by going live on the platform. Going live ensures that your followers come and watch your live session. The best part is that the algorithm would promote your content to a wide audience too if your live session has enough engagement and views.

To make sure your audience engages with your content and follows you, you can ask your audience to like your content and follow your profile to participate in your giveaways. This way, you’ll ensure that your viewers follow you to participate in the giveaway thus, increasing the number of followers on your profile.

6. A little clickbait never hurt anyone

Clickbait is not looked at as an ethical practice in the world of Instagram but subtle clickbaits can’t really affect your account in any way. Moreover, anyone who’s not following you can be easily engaged with clickbaits. But how can you use click baits to gain followers on Instagram?

  • Clickbait with Bio

This trick is best suited for creators, where they can forge their IG bio in such a way that anyone who reads it ends up following their profile. However, forging such a bio can be tough which is why we have come up with some amazing Instagram bio ideas to get more followers on Instagram.

  • Clickbait with covers

Many creators use misleading reels and post covers to bait their audience to watch and engage with their posts. It might sound unethical but it’s all about using open-ended questions, controversial statements, and sometimes, misleading images to drive audience to the post.

7. Use free Trial services

Many social media growth services out there provide a free trial of their services. While many of these services provide fishy followers, there are service providers like that deliver real 10 free Instagram followers in their trial service.

If you like their trial service then you can even opt for their full-fledged paid service to gain new followers on Instagram within minutes. Wondering how to get 1k followers on instagram in 5 minutes with BuyRealActiveFollowers? Keep reading, we’ll get to that real soon.

8. Leverage trends to your advantage

At any point of time, thousands of trends are floating around Instagram ready to provide you the boost you’ve been looking for. Let’s suppose you use trending audio in your post, or use a trending hashtag then, you can expect a solid follower increase on your profile.

9. Make the most of Instagram tools and features

Instagram is packed with many hidden tools and features that hold the potential to increase anyone’s followers with ease. However, it’s not just about tools but about how you use them. Here are some amazing features that you can use to gain thousands of followers on IG:

  • Add Yours Sticker: The latest 2024 trending Instagram tool is truly a gift for creators to gain incredible reach and followers. Add Yours is basically an Instagram sticker that allows users to reach a very vast audience via stories alone. To learn more about the feature, you can check out our guide on using the potential of Add Yours.
How to Get Add Yours on Instagram
  • Utilize your metrics: After turning a regular account into a professional account, anyone can unlock their metrics which can help in multiple areas. You can understand the best upload timings, target your audience better, and most importantly, understand what your audience likes to make them follow you.

How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes (My secret)

There can be times when your growth just stops and you won’t see an end to it. Times can get desperate but since you’re our reader, we won’t let that be the end of your digital career. It doesn’t even matter if your growth has stopped, if you’ve just started fresh, and even if you’re an established account.

You can always resort to social media growth services and get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. And this doesn’t stop here! You can go way beyond and gain thousands and millions of followers with a trusted Instagram growth service like BuyRealActiveFollowers

The best part about their service is that they provide 100% real and active followers who not only help increase your follower count but also engage and interact with your content to fuel your long-term organic growth on the platform. All you need to do is:

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how to get more followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram without posting?

We understand that you want to eat pies without baking but you should understand that it’s going to be a rough road if you try to gain followers without posting on Instagram. It’s not like it’s impossible but this is definitely something that would take a lot of time and strategy to actually work out.

So here’s how you can increase your followers without posting on Instagram:

a. Reshare content of other creators

Don’t you like it when someone appreciates you and your work? Just like that, any creator would appreciate it if you share their content on your profile, story, or post with proper credits.

This way you can engage the original creator with your profile and many of them would love to follow you if your content is good enough.

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b. Like and engage with random comments 

Liking and engaging with random comments on random posts is another unconventional method that’s used by creators to get more followers on Instagram without posting.

Liking comments on random posts and replying to them can make them turn their heads to your profile. And as always, if your content engages them, they’ll definitely follow you for more.

Pro tip: You can also comment GIFs in the Instagram comments section to drive as much attention as you can to your profile.

c. Follow the creators and users with similar interests

Following people and creators with similar interests have got to be the oldest trick in the books on Instagram. In most cases, the people you follow will follow you back to support you on your digital growth journey.

However, if someone you followed doesn’t follow you back then you can politely ask them to do so. In most cases, they’d love to do it but if they don’t then it’d be better to unfollow them. However, you must make sure you follow the accounts with a low number of followers so the chances of them following you back are high.

Challenges you might face on your way to get 1k followers on Instagram

The road to increasing followers on Instagram is never a straight path and there are no exceptions. The thing is, most people look at the path from so far that it appears like a straight line but the closer you get to it, the more you’ll realize that it’s filled with ups and downs and many sharp turns.

For newbies, it can get really hard to get through these uncertainties and even make them quit midway. That is why, we have identified all the challenges that you might face in your journey to get 1000 followers on Instagram so that you’re prepared to face them off!

1. Great things take time

As a new creator or business on Instagram, anyone can grow impatient and desperate when there’s no visible growth on their profile. They must understand that new profiles generally take time to get noticed by the algorithm.

Till then, all you need is consistency and constant work on your profile to get noticed. However, once your profile gets noticed, there’s no way that your growth will stop. So keep the grind on!

2. Bad days are always unannounced

There will be days when your posts, stories, and even your reels won’t perform. Opening your metrics will be nothing less than disappointment but that doesn’t mean it will stay like that.

Around 43% of creators report that it is very common for their content to not perform on some days. However, it doesn’t mean that your latter content won’t perform. Again, you must not get demotivated and keep doing what you’ve been doing.

3. Shadowban is not permanent

Desperation can make us do things that are not always good. On Instagram, it can often result into a shadowban for your profile and just halt your visibility and growth for a long time. But keep in mind that this shadowban is not permanent and can easily be overcome with consistency.

The algorithm of Instagram is smart and would definitely consider your efforts if you do things right and ultimately, help you reach your goal to get 1k followers on Instagram and even go beyond that number.

Off You Go!

Gaining 1k followers on Instagram is no rocket science and can be really easy if you understand how the platform actually works. We hope that this blog could guide you through the complete roadmap to increasing your IG followers. With these best strategies like including CTAs and clickbaits, things to look out for on your journey, and the hidden secrets we just discussed in this blog, we’re sure you can navigate through the platform on your own.

So what are you waiting for? Go conquer the realm of Instagram and start hitting the milestones you’ve set for yourself!

People Also Ask

1. How can I hide followers on Instagram?

Anyone can hide their followers on Instagram with a simple toggle. Just make your account private and anyone who isn’t following you will not be able to see your followers.

2. Why can’t I see someone’s followers on Instagram?

If you can’t see someone’s Instagram followers, then it’s possible that their account is private, or they’ve restricted you, or you might’ve been blocked by them.

3. Why am I losing followers on Instagram?

Losing and gaining followers on Instagram is a constant process. However, if you’ve been losing a lot of followers on IG then there can be many reasons behind it that we’ve discussed here.

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