Why are my Instagram Story Views so low all of a sudden

Are you experiencing a massive drop in your Instagram story views? If yes, then you’re not alone. It can feel like a digital rollercoaster ride, especially when you’re used to seeing those numbers climb. 

Finding out that your story views have landed on the downfall trend might hamper your Instagram growth mindset. But before you start doubting your content’s worth, let’s explore some common reasons behind this sudden dip.

This blog also provides you with certain solutions to overcome these issues along with some bonus tips to take your view count to the sky. So follow along !!

Glimpse of your Instagram story views

Instagram story views refer to the IG metric indicating the number of times your story has been seen by other users. An Instagram story remains visible for 24 hours after being posted for users can have a look at it. It’s counted as one view, every time someone views your story. Guess what? It even includes story replays.

Now if you can’t see story views on Instagram, no need to stress out. To access your story views and take a sneak peek at your active followers:

  • Open Instagram app > tap on the profile picture at the top left corner.
  • As soon as the story opens, Swipe up on the screen 
  • A list of your audience will appear in the story views order along with the total number of views.

This feature allows you to gauge the engagement and reach of your Instagram stories, helping you understand how many people are interacting with your content.

What’s Considered low Story Views on Instagram

After a thorough analysis of various Instagram profiles ranging from 300 followers to 3M followers, it’s evident that low views on stories will differ from user to user.

For Instance, 

  • A personal account with 1000 followers can consider 100 story views as low.
  • While a brand or business account with 100k followers can say 10k story views are low.

Therefore, it completely depends on the users what they believe is less story views on Instagram. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your view count, if you face a sudden dip in your story view analytics, immediately figure out the reason and look for a solution.

5 Reasons for Sudden Drop in your Instagram Story Views

Once you open Insights and find out your Instagram story views down in trend, it makes you question your own growth strategies for the platform. It is necessary to find the loophole that is hindering your story view growth on Instagram and fix it ASAP.

low Instagram Story Views

Here is a list of the top possible reasons your Instagram story views suddenly dropped along with their solutions to overcome these issues.

1. Your content is outdated and boring

Crafting content with tacky elements distracts the user from viewing the story. In this era where the audience is moving towards aesthetics, a dull color pallet will shift their interest. Moreover, repeating trends and layouts on the stories will bore the users and will ultimately encourage them to throw you off their following list. To overcome this situation, look at the solution.

Solution – Break the Monotony: Create engaging content

It’s high time to stop worrying and thinking about why is my Instagram story not getting views. The biggest comeback you can make on Instagram is through the creation of engaging and trending content on IG stories. 

  • Hop on trending layouts and put in your creative aspects to add personality to them.
  • Add tempting graphics and visuals that retain audiences’ attention
  • Try adding prompts like ‘Add Yours’ to engage more users on stories with ease. It enables the audience to participate in the trends you create.

2. Not making discoverable IG stories

People have entered that phase of social media where they search more on digital media platforms than Google for exclusive content. If you don’t leverage this habit, nothing can turn you into an Instagram influencer. The more your content is exposed over the platform, the more chances it has to get discovered by users who are not in your followers list.

Solution – Stick to tags that enable discovery and increase shares 

Incorporate location Tags in your stories, this will enable users to view them when they search for a place on IG. Using stickers like ‘Mention’ and ‘Add Yours’ can help you get more users through shares. Ultimately, the Instagram sticker edit section is your go-to place to make your stories discoverable on Instagram.

3. Your Instagram account has been Shadowbanned

If you feel like your IG story view has hit rock bottom recently, it’s possible that your IG account has been shadowbanned. It basically relates to the fact that Instagram has restricted your posts and stories’ visibility on the platform.

Users are unable to locate your content, which ultimately creates a downward graph of your IG story view count. Anyhow, your stories are still visible to your followers but are not discoverable by users who haven’t followed you yet.

Solution – Avoid prohibited practices like banned hashtags

Examine your most recent postings closely to check if there are any instances where you have breached Instagram’s Community Guidelines. Any insensitive joke or unintentional use of a prohibited hashtag can shadowban your profile. Upon removing the offensive posts, the shadowban might be immediately lifted.

4. Not posting at the Right time

When is your audience most active when you post? When it comes to the timing of your Instagram stories posts and content strategy, You cannot just play around and do random postings.

Given that Stories are only live for a day, it’s critical to ascertain the days and times when your audience is most engaged on Instagram. If you post them at the incorrect time, they may not receive enough views on the platform, ultimately wasting your efforts.

Solution – Post during peak activity hours 

Go to Instagram analytics and drive insights about the peak hours when your audience is most active and engaged on Instagram.

  • Now, maintain a calendar for the best days to post on Instagram and specify a timing.
  • Prepare story drafts on Instagram > Schedule them to maintain consistency in posting.
  • Avoid uploading on weekends as the users are engaged in prepping up for the coming week.

5. Attacked by Ghost followers

Dont panic! An excessive number of inactive Instagram accounts are termed as ghost followers on Instagram. This heavily impacts your IG story view rate. Ghost followers are people who follow you on social media but don’t interact with you in any way, like your posts, or read your Stories.

Solution – Clean up your Instagram followers list

All you have to do is go to your profile and remove your ghost followers from the Followers section. To identify them, check followers who haven’t engaged with you in the last 6 months or longer by comparing your list of followers to a list of accounts that have recently watched your content. You can try your hands on some third-party Insta ghost followers app to get rid of these accounts.

While cleaning up your followers, you might experience a major dip in story views on IG which might affect your credibility on the platform. It is advised to get Instagram story views from organic users to avoid any bot scam detection over your profile. Consider authentic service providers like BuyRealActiveFollowers to meet such social media needs in a snap!

Bonus Tips to elevate your Instagram Story views

If you are still lagging behind in getting IG story views after implementing all the techniques discussed above, it’s time to include some new strategies and bring them to action. This will give you an idea of how to increase story views on Instagram and maintain a growing track record of your profile.

  • Pick a Niche

Specify your niche and create content that aligns with your target audience. Whether it’s fashion, food, travel, or fitness, focusing on a precise region will attract a dedicated audience interested in your content, leading to more views on your stories.

  • Organizing contests and giveaways

Engage your audience by running contests and giveaways on your stories. Encourage participation by asking users to share your story, tag friends, or answer a question for a chance to win. The way it will benefit businesses and brands is phenomenal. This not only increases engagement but also attracts new viewers to your stories.

  • Focus on Instagram Followers growth 

Increasing story views requires growing your following organically. With services, you can even get Instagram followers from real users automatically.

To start afresh, make use of techniques like posting frequently, interacting with your audience via messages and comments, working with other influencers in your industry, and utilizing relevant hashtags to gain new followers.

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Wrap it up!

Encountering a sudden drop in Instagram story views can be puzzling, but it’s essential not to get disheartened. Social media algorithms are ever-changing, and fluctuations are part of the game. 

Keeping an eye on the reasons why are my Instagram story views so low all of a sudden and fixing them side by side will take you out of the situation instantly. Moreover, prioritizing authentic connections can help you navigate through these challenges with ease. 

Remember, your value as a content creator extends beyond mere metrics. Focus on sharing meaningful stories and engaging with your audience on a deeper level. Once you hop on Proven Strategies To Boost Instagram Story Views, massive Instagram reach will ring your doorbell.

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