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How To Fix Threads And Instagram Shadowban In 2024

Have you ever dedicated so much effort to coming up with the perfect Instagram post only to meet dead silence from your audience? You spent a lot of time searching for trending hashtags, writing a mindblowing caption, and then went ahead to post. 

You were sure that your post would perform well on the platform attracting a lot of Instagram likes and comments. Yet, your masterpiece seems to have vanished into the Instagram crowd. Well, This all is happening because you might be facing the dreaded Instagram shadowban. 

But worry not, dear creators! Before you resign yourself and lose all hope, we are here with this blog to delve into the shadowy depths of this mysterious phenomenon of shadowban and emerge with a plan to bring your account back into the light. 

What is Shadow Ban on Instagram and Threads?

Threads or Instagram shadowban happens when the platform essentially hides your content from everyone except your existing followers. Your posts won’t appear in hashtags, the Explore page, or even some users’ feeds. It’s like being stuck on an Instagram loop, desperately waving your content around for the world to see, but no one notices it.  

Difference between a Regular Ban and an Instagram Shadowban

A regular ban on Instagram can look similar to being a shadowban but there’s a lot of difference between them. Let’s have a look at some such common differences:

Regular BanShadowban
NotificationThe user gets notified that he has been bannedNo notification is given to the user
VisibilityThe account gets disabled and the content is removedContent remains visible but the reach becomes limited
ActivityAccount gets suspended, you can’t post anything on your profileYou can post or perform any other activity on your profile
CauseViolation of Instagram Community Guidelines Mostly due to suspicious or spammy behavior
DurationTemporary or Permanent based on the violationCan last for a few weeks to months but is not permanent

How to know If you’re Shadowbanned on Instagram?

Instagram shadowban happens when the platform essentially hides your content from everyone except your existing followers.

The struggle to recognize Instagram shadowban is real. Approximately 5% of active Instagram accounts may experience some degree of shadowban at any given time. 

how to know if you're shadowbanned on instagram

But these are some common signs to watch out if you are shadowbanned:

Engagement Down

Remember the times when your phone would not stop buzzing with likes and comments? But it is now quieter than in a mime convention. Your engagement can reduce by even 50% after getting shadowbanned. 

Hashtag Fail

You are using relevant hashtags diligently but your posts are not appearing anywhere in hashtag search. This clearly shows your IG account is shadowbanned. It can limit your content visibility and lead to losing followers on Instagram.

Account Disappeared from Explore Page 

Your amazing content used to grace the Instagram Explore page, but now it’s vanished like a desert mirage. When Instagram shadowbans you they remove your content from the explore page. This can affect your profile visibility on Instagram.

Limited Reach

Do you notice fewer people view your posts, even on your followers’ feeds? The reduction in the organic reach of your content may be the reason behind this. If only those closest to you find your content on their feed, it can be referred to as shadowbanned.

Another reason your IG content is not reaching your audience is that your account has been suspended. To learn more about a suspended account you can refer to our blog – Why did Instagram suspend my account (Instant Fixes)

How to know if you are shadowbanned on Threads?

How to know if you are shadowbanned on Threads

Threads is an important text-based content app by Instagram. These are the signs that you might have been shadowbanned on Threads:

Perform the Shadowban Test 

You can try the shadowban test by Logging out of your threads account and then searching for your username on the app. If your username is invisible, it indicates that you are shadowbanned on Threads. 

Engagement Decline

A decline in engagement is the most common sign of being shadowbanned on Threads. If you notice a sudden decrease in likes, comments, or views on your post, your account might have been shadowbanned.

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How to get unshadowbanned on Instagram and Threads?

Threads and Instagram shadowban are a serious problem for your profile but you need not be terrified about it. Here are some of the tips you can follow to get your account back on track:

Admit Your Mistakes

Head over to Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Threads Terms of Use and take a good look. Did you unknowingly break a rule, like posting inappropriate content or using excessively irrelevant hashtags? Research about what might have been wrong and stop doing the same immediately. 

Avoid Banned Hashtags

Let us talk about hashtags. Get rid of hashtags that are banned (yes, they do exist) and irrelevant ones that do not represent the contents of your IG or threads posts. Instead, concentrate on some popular and niche hashtags correctly representing what you have posted. Research them and use 3-5 relevant hashtags per post.

A similar incident happened with Mike, a freelance photographer who noticed a significant drop in his Instagram impressions. After some research, he found that some of the hashtags he uses on his posts regularly have been banned by Instagram. He stopped using those hashtags and used only relevant hashtags in his content. After some time he got a 14% increase in average likes per post on Instagram and that’s how he overcame being shadowbanned.

Take a Break

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is step back and take a rest from your IG routine. Posting excessively or using aggressive tactics to get out of the shadowban can make things worse. Give yourself and the algorithm some breathing room.

Appeal to Instagram

While Instagram doesn’t offer an official shadowban appeal process, you can try reaching out to their support team [Instagram Help Center]. Be polite, explain the situation, and ask if they can offer any insights. But don’t keep much hope as instagram doesn’t offer an official shadowban appeal process. 

How to Build a Shadowban Proof IG Profile

Now that you’ve escaped the instagram shadowban problem, let’s talk about staying out of this trouble forever. Here are some tips to keep your account healthy and your content shadowban proof on the platform:

Post Consistently

The IG algorithm loves consistency. Develop a regular posting schedule and stick to it. This shows Instagram you’re a reliable content creator and helps them understand your brand identity.

Be a Polite User

Play nice with others. Avoid offensive content, excessive self-promotion, and spammy comments. Treat your fellow Instagrammers with respect and build a positive online community.

Understand the Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly evolving, so stay informed about the latest trends. Learn what kind of content performs well, and what formats are trending, and experiment strategically.


Although people may feel disappointed after being shadowbanned, it is not the worst thing that could happen. With an in-depth study into what caused it and an implementation plan, you can remove this restriction and become more visible again. 

Always remember that the following three things will help one succeed on Instagram; quality posts, genuine interaction with others, and observance of all terms and conditions. With a little effort, you can climb out of the instagram shadowban sadness and get your content back in the spotlight. Now go ahead and conquer Instagram! 

People Also Ask

  1. Why does Instagram Shadowban my story?

If Instagram’s algorithm detects that you’re violating any of these guidelines, it can shadowban you, delete your content, or lock your account. 

  1. Can someone Shadowban you on Instagram?

No, only Instagram has the power and access to shadowban you on the platform. 

  1. How long does Instagram Shadowban last?

According to users, an Instagram shadowban can last from a couple of days to a month, but posting new content, like custom videos and pictures, can help to reverse the shadowban

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