Why Can't I Create an Instagram Account

Is Instagram not letting you create a new account? 

Yes, it can be frustrating and leave you wondering “Why can’t I create an Instagram account?” Guess what, It’s a super easy process and usually takes a few moments to get your hands on a new IG account.

As weird as it may sound, some reasons can become hurdles while creating a new IG account. What’s more, is that it can be a little confusing to identify the exact reason that might be keeping you away from tapping into the world of Instagram. 

To help you through, this blog will discuss every possible reason that might be coming your way. Furthermore, it’ll also discuss possible solutions to the issues that will guide you on this journey. Keep reading, and you’ll find the solution to your problems.

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Create an Instagram Account 

You are feeling trapped in the situation where you want to access the world of social media through Instagram but the platform keeps on giving you a bad trip. Your inability to create an account on IG might lend you a frustrating experience. 

Well, you are not the only one. Millions of users face this issue. The only way out is to figure out specific reasons for not being able to create your profile and search for their solutions.

Let’s solve the mystery and uncover the reasons why you are unable to create an Instagram account along with remedies to fix your issues.

1. Maybe your Internet sucks? 😣

You might find it difficult to load your Instagram and sign in to the app. Are you wondering why you can’t sign up for Instagram? It might be due to your internet connectivity issues. Poor networks can be a major issue while creating an Instagram account and stop you from entering IG. Here are a few tips that might help you fix this problem.

Solution – Fix your connection

  • You must run a speed test to know how fast your network is.
  • Switch to 5G network 
  • Try using Wi-Fi from a stable source.

2. Switch Things Up – Your Browser Might not be compatible 🌐

Are you using a desktop to create a new account on Instagram and it’s restricting you from applying for the same? Certain browsers are not compatible with Instagram or their extensions might be problematic while opening the website. Check if this is why your PC isn’t supporting Instagram and solve it in the following ways.

Solution – Use A New Browser

  • Switch to another Web Browser
  • Try using your smartphone
  • Create an account through the app

3. It’s not you, It’s them – Server Issues

With the massive user base of Instagram, experiencing technical glitches is not new. The servers can sometimes overload and crash leading to Server issues. It’s not your fault and you need not worry about anything. How to fix this? Follow along: 

Solution – Wait for servers to respond

  • Visit Instagram’s Server Page to check the server
  • Try using Instagram on another device
  • If it doesn’t work, wait for Instagram to restore its server

4. Wait! Maybe it’s you? – Blocked IP Address

Not following Instagram’s user guidelines and indulging in illegal activity as per IG might have left you in this situation where the platform has blocked your IP address.

Creating multiple accounts with the same address might also lead to this blockage as soon as Instagram tracks the account. How to come out of this?

Solution – Fix your IP issues with tools

  • Try using a VPN before logging in to the website
  • Change your Internet service provider
  • Avoid fraudulent activities like excessive liking and commenting on posts.

5. Is your Instagram up to date?

Instagram is evolving and launching up new features from time to time which brings in new updates to the app. Staying with an old version might crash the app which will not allow you to create an Instagram account. You need to update your apps and get the latest version instantly.

Solution – Update your IG Application

  • You need to update your apps with the latest version from the Google Play Store for Android and App Store or iOS.
  • If it still doesn’t work after the update, follow these steps:
    1. For Android: 
      1. Shut the Instagram app > go to settings 
      2. Tap on Apps and Notifications > click on instagram 
      3. Storage > Clear cache
  1. For iOS:
    1. To delete the cache on iOS you will need to delete the app
    2. Find the app > hold the icon > tap on remove.
  • You can even reinstall the app on Android to update it instantly.

6. Cross-check your Email & Phone Number📞

You can’t sign up for Instagram with an email account or phone number that is already existing. Instagram notifies you that another account exists with the credentials you have provided. How to solve this problem?

Solution – Use authentic emails and numbers

  • Check if any account you created with the email is not in use
  • Switch to another email account 
  • Use a new phone number to avoid any restrictions to create an Instagram account.

7. Caution! Account Limit Reached 

Did you check the number of accounts you have made lately? As per Instagram guidelines, you can only create upto 5 Instagram accounts over a login device. This can be a big reason why you can’t create a new Instagram account.

Let’s fix this: 

Solution – Manage Your Accounts

  • Delete an existing account 
  • Try using another email ID or password
  • Avoid going above the limit of 5 accounts from one login 

Here’s How to Create an Instagram Account

Now that you have resolved all the issues, let’s give it another shot and start afresh to create an Instagram account. Take a look at the steps and follow along:

  1. Open Instagram app
  2. At the bottom, Tap on Create new account 
  3. Enter your name > Design a solid password > Set your birthdate
  4. Create a username for your profile
  5. Add a mobile number or Email to sign up on Instagram
  6. Enter the 6-digit confirmation code 
  7. Tap on ‘I agree’ to agree to Instagram’s terms and conditions
  8. Add profile picture > sync your contacts
  9. You’ll see ‘Welcome to Instagram’.

VOILA! You have successfully created your Instagram account. 

As soon as you have entered Instagram, you might desire to get attention from the users. For that, you must create exclusive content that goes over your posts, stories, and reels section. 

You might be required to Buy Instagram reel views to give an initial boost to your content and profile which will further improve your visibility over Instagram.

Parting Words

While Facing obstacles when trying to create an Instagram account, it’s essential to understand that Instagram has integrated these safety measures for the security of its users.

By addressing any potential issues, adhering to the platform’s guidelines, and remaining patient, you can increase your chances of successfully joining the Instagram community. So, don’t lose hope—your Instagram journey may be just around the corner!

Once you are in, it’s high time to get ahead in the game and start utilizing Instagram profile optimization tips to enhance your reach and visibility over the platform. 

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