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how to hide your followers on instagram

Instagram is a great platform that people can use to connect with their friends, bring out their creativity, and even create a brand. Yet making a perfect follower list might seem too difficult on this app. This difficulty can make you feel like hiding your followers on Instagram. Well, you are not the only one. A little bit of privacy in Instagram’s publicity is reasonable. But the main question is How to hide followers on Instagram without affecting your profile?

Don’t worry because, In this blog, we will answer this question in detail and clear all your doubts regarding hiding followers on Instagram. Let’s Go!

Can You Hide Followers on Instagram?

As of now, Instagram users can’t hide their followers list. This is because the statistic is a public thing displayed to every person who looks up your profile. Still, there exist different tricks and techniques one may apply to make his or her own experience on Instagram more personal. 

How to hide your followers on Instagram?

You can hide your followers and the information they get to see about your profile by making it private. This way your posts, stories, and followers will only be viewed by people you have given permission to. Out of 1000 Individuals we sampled on Instagram, 45% chose to make their profiles private because it was both easy and powerful enough for them to select audiences as well as take charge of their accounts on this platform.

How to make your account private?

 To turn your Instagram account private, you need to follow these simple steps:

switch to private account hide your followers on Instagram
  • Step 1: Tap on your profile picture on Instagram
  • Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines and select “Settings.”
  • Step 3: Go to “Privacy” and toggle the switch next to “Private Account. 

How to hide your followers on Instagram without Private Account?

While a private account offers the most privacy, it’s not ideal for everyone. Here are some alternative strategies for public profiles to hide followers on Instagram: 

Remove Users from your Followers List

Suppose you don’t want to switch your account to private but still there are some people in your followers list from which you want to hide instagram followers. In such a situation you have to remove these users from your followers list. To remove users from your followers, you can follow these easy steps: 

Remove Users from your Followers List
  1. Open your Instagram profile.
  2. Open followers list.
  3. Find the user and tap the ‘Remove’ button in front of them. 
  4. Tap ‘Remove’ again.

The same technique was applied by Halley, a fashion blogger with 150k followers on Instagram. She felt that her follower list contained a lot of inactive users who were not contributing to her Instagram success. She removed those inactive users from her follower list and tried to gain genuine followers. This increased 20% in average likes per post on her account. 

Block the Unwanted Accounts

If there are some special accounts that you wish to hide your followers from without switching your account to private, you can block those accounts. By blocking a user on Instagram, you hide your account details from them. 

Block the Unwanted Accounts on IG
  1. These are the steps to block someone on Instagram:
  2. Open the Instagram App
  3. Search for the person’s account you wish to block
  4. Tap on the horizontal dots menu at the top-right side of the interface
  5. Click on Block 

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Pros and Cons of Hiding Followers on Instagram

There are many factors why possibly you could decide to hide the people who follow you on Instagram, though such a move does have its downsides as demonstrated below-:

Pros of Hiding Followers on Instagram

Hiding followers on Instagram can benefit you in multiple ways including a privacy boost, reduced social pressure, and more. Let’s look at these benefits in detail:

Privacy boost

Hiding your followers shields your social circle from strangers. This can be especially useful if you keep your profile public and want to maintain some control over who sees information about your connections.

Control over information

You get to decide who sees how you interact with other people on Instagram. This can feel empowering, especially if you’re selective about who you follow or are concerned about data privacy. 75% of users after their follower counts reported feeling more in control of how they are seen on Instagram

Reduced social pressure

Follower count can become a competition on Instagram. Hiding the follower count can take the pressure off and refocus on the content you share and the connections you make. 

Cons of Hiding Followers on Instagram

When you hide your followers on Instagram, you may face these difficulties;

Limited transparency

Even though you can hide your followers, your existing followers still have the option of looking through your followers as well as the following list. This might not be what you want if complete privacy is your goal.

Reduced discoverability

A public follower count can attract new followers interested in similar accounts. Hiding your followers might make it harder for people to find you. This can result in losing followers on Instagram.

Approval process

After you switch your account to private, people won’t be able to follow you directly. You will have to manually accept each follower request which can be exhausting if you get a lot of requests.


While hiding followers in the traditional sense isn’t an option, there are numerous ways to manage your privacy on Instagram in 2024. To make Instagram feel comfortable and safe, you can design it through selective following, strategic posting, close friends lists, and privacy settings.

Remember, it’s about striking a balance between personal expression, audience engagement, and maintaining a level of privacy that works for you. So, explore the options, experiment, and create your own unique Instagram world.

People Also Ask

  1. How to hide your following list on Instagram from friends?

To hide your Instagram following list from a friend, you must set your account to private status. If that friend is on your followers list, you must remove them. They will not be notified that you removed them as a follower.

  1. Why can’t you hide followers on Instagram?

The possible reason is you have a public account. To hide your followers on instagram you need to switch your account to private.

  1. Why Can’t I See Someone’s Instagram Followers?

If you can’t see someone else’s Instagram followers, it’s either because their account is set to private or they blocked you.

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