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what happens when you restrict someone on instagram

This is the era of optimizing social media platforms for diversified purposes and Instagram is leading among them. Everyone is running after increasing their views, likes, and followers. But, just chasing after the number of followers without optimizing their effect on your profile can lead to social media mistakes.  

With a good number of followers, you can also face the problem of getting annoying and disturbing comments as well as messages. They can lead to demotivation and mental stress. That is when you should use the often-overlooked Restrict on Instagram. Let’s dive into how to utilize this feature to reduce negativity and boost your strong online presence on Instagram.

What Happens When You Restrict Someone On Instagram

Restricting on Instagram can lead to an impactful shift in the interactions with your audience. But many of you can have a query, what does it mean to restrict someone on Instagram? Restricting someone on Instagram means hindering their access to your profile and posts. Here’s a detailed list of what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram.

Hidden Online Visibility

Restricted users won’t be able to know your online status or whether you have read the message or not. This gives you a sense of privacy while enabling you to do your things on Instagram.

Direct Messages On Mute

Tired of getting random and unwanted DMs on Instagram? When you restrict someone on Instagram they can’t directly message you. Their messages get dropped in the “message requests” folder giving you the power to accept them or not. 

Comments Go Private

The “Restrict” feature of Instagram can’t stop your followers from commenting on your posts but it hides their disturbing comments from you as well as your other followers. This allows you to manage their actions secretly without your image getting harnessed publicly.

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Difference between Block and Restrict On Instagram

It’s easy to get confused between the block and restrict features of Instagram. But there are some differences between them. Let’s have a look at Instagram restrict vs block. 

Block on InstagramRestrict on Instagram
Blocking stops the user from commenting on your postsRestricting just hides the comments from your existing followers
Blocking stops the users from directly messaging you on InstagramA restricted person can DM you but their messages will go into the message requests folder
A blocked user can figure out easily that they are blocked by you.A restricted user usually doesn’t get the idea that they get restricted by you.

Identifying The Unwanted Followers

Now you are pretty much aware of the use of the Restrict feature on Instagram but the main question is who you should restrict. Let’s look at some of the red flags categories of users who can be an ideal candidate to get restricted by you. 

Ghost Followers

These are the fake or inactive users who don’t interact with your posts at all. They can also be people who may have forgotten that they even have an Instagram account. You should restrict them to have genuine traffic on your profile.

The Follow Backer

This is the category that is only interested in increasing their followers on Instagram. They only offer you an exchange of follow-back  and are not interested in your profile or its content. Restricting them will lead you to have a genuine number of followers who engage with your content.

The Bot Guy

These are not real but automated accounts generated to post the same comment on multiple accounts of Instagram. According to a study, 10% to 20% of brand accounts’ followers are bots. They give no real value to your profile and it’s better to restrict them. 

How to Restrict someone on Instagram

After recognizing the people you should restrict, It’s time to take some action. Here’s a quick guide on restricting someone on Instagram. 

Directly From the Profile

restrict someone on instagram from profile

A simple way to restrict someone on Instagram is to directly through their profile. 

  1. Just Tap on their profile and then the three dots in the right corner.
  2. A menu of options will appear.
  3. Just pick the restrict option and the person will be restricted.

Through Comments Section

what does it mean to restrict someone on instagram from comment section

Follow these simple steps to restrict on Instagram through the comments section.

Open your Instagram posts that have unwanted comments >Tap on the user’s comment you want to restrict >Hold it for a while and select the “Restrict Account” to restrict on Instagram.

Via Account Settings

restrict on instagram from settings

If you want to restrict someone via your account settings, just tap on your profile and then tap the three-dots icon. Go to “Settings” and then “Privacy”. Find “Restricted Accounts” and then find the account you want to restrict. Tap “Restrict” next to their name and your job is done.

The Impact of Restricting Someone on Instagram

Have you wondered what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram? When you restrict someone on Instagram, it can have both positive as well as negative impacts on your profile. You need to know both sides of coins to make the most use of this feature. Let’s have a look at how restricting someone will effect your online presence

The Positive Influence

Here are some of the positive effects that you can notice when you restrict someone on Instagram.

Positive Online Presence

When you restrict your unwanted and irrelevant followers on Instagram it helps you build a strong online presence on the platform. It reduces negative engagement and gives you a chance to showcase your positive potential on the platform.

Attract the Right Audience 

By restricting unwanted crowds on Instagram, you attract and retain an audience who is genuinely interested in your content. They will engage regularly with your profile leading to increased views and followers on your account. 

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Improved Analytics

After using Restrict on Instagram you get genuine interactions on your profile. This helps you give you a correct idea of your numbers on the platform. You can analyze these numbers whether it’s views or followers to improve your engagement strategy.

Mental Peace

On an average, at least 25% of the users have faced some sort of trolling on Instagram. When you restrict someone on Instagram you choose your mental peace over other people’s disturbing comments about you. It acts as a safeguard to protect you from outside negativity. When your mind is positive you give your 100% best in the work you do.

The Negative Influence

Restricting someone on Instagram can also have some negative effects. Let’s have a look

Limited Networking 

When you restrict someone on Instagram, it can limit your networking opportunities with the person who can be your potential follower. Sometimes you miss out on an opportunity to convert a lead due to misunderstandings. So, please be aware and consider all the sides before restricting someone.

Broken Relations

Sometimes it may happen that you unintentionally restrict your relatives or close ones. They might get offended by your actions and your relationship can be at stake. Make sure to check the profile to make sure that you are restricting the right person. 

Negative publicity

If by any chance the person you restrict on Instagram gets to know about it, he can spread bad words and negative rumors about you. This can lead to your negative publicity on Instagram. So, be aware of the person you are thinking to restrict.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity 

Many people want to get more views and followers on Instagram. But we should not forget the concept of “Quality over Quantity”. Here are some of the tips that will help you look at your Instagram growth beyond the numbers. 

Importance of Genuine Followers

Who does not want to increase followers on Instagram? But having a loyal base of followers is very important. They will help you boost your engagement and value your content.

Go for the Organic Reach

Opting for organic reach makes you understand the actual potential of your content. This can also help you analyze how you can improve your strategies to make your profile reach new heights. 

Stay Away from the Negativity 

Whenever you do something pathbreaking or unique, there will be people who are going to criticize you. A constructive feedback is okay, but some people just burden you with their negative opinions. Try to avoid them and focus your mind on the positive sides of your hard work.


In the world of Instagram, you need to keep a balance between your popularity and privacy. There is a huge crowd on the platform and you need to be aware of the people who might be harmful to your profile. You must stop them from hindering your growth as well as your mental health.

Now, you are a pro of all the uses of Restrict on Instagram. This feature can give you a peaceful and positive Instagram experience. So the next time when someone bothers you with their disturbing comments, say goodbye to them with the restrict button. 

People Also Ask 

1. Can you restrict someone on Instagram and still follow them?

When you restrict someone on Instagram and you are already their follower, you continue to follow them.

2. What does a restricted Instagram account look like?

The restricted Instagram account can’t either see your online status or direct messages. Also, their comments won’t be visible to other people. 

3. Can you hide your Instagram account from someone without blocking them?

Yes, by making your account private you can hide your account from someone without actually blocking them. Only your followers will be able to look at your profile and posts.

4. If I restrict someone on Instagram can they message me?

When you restrict someone on Instagram they can message you but their messages will go into the request folder.

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