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how to view Instagram stories anonymously

Anonymity is cool, fun, and of course, fascinating! Anonymity is something that isn’t quite appreciated by Instagram. Despite that, one query is always trending across search engines which is how to view Instagram stories anonymously? 

We understand that sometimes, you might not want the other person to know that you’ve viewed their IG story for any reason. That is why, this blog will cover every method that you can use to view someone’s Instagram story while staying completely hidden. So buckle up, we’re diving in!

How to View Instagram stories Anonymously?

Privacy and integrity are two things that Instagram doesn’t let anyone mess with. Due to that very reason, there is no dedicated or any sort of feature that would allow users to view Instagram stories anonymously.

However, there are certain methods hidden away from the eyes of Instagram that can do the job for you with little effort. Some of those tricks can be as easy as pushing a button, while some might take a few steps. But the bottom line is that yes, you can watch anyone’s Instagram story anonymously, and here’s how:

The Half-Slide Trick! 🤳🏻

view instagram stories anonymously

Not many people know this but you can actually view the first and last frame of anyone’s story without them knowing. To do this, you just have to watch the story of the person whose story comes before the story of the person’s story that you want to watch anonymously. 

When you’re watching the story of the previous person, hold your screen and slightly swipe to the left while still holding your screen. This would allow you to watch the first frame of their story. Once done, you can swipe to come back to the story you were watching to ensure that your view isn’t counted.

Similarly, to view the last frame of anyone’s story, you just have to click on the story that’s ahead of that person’s story. While watching the story, hold your screen and slowly swipe right while still holding the screen to reveal the last frame of the previous story. Swipe back, once you’re done to stay anonymous and out of sight.

Note: The trick only reveals the first and the last frame of Instagram stories. Keep reading it if you want to entirely view Instagram stories anonymously.

Become a complete ghost with Airplane mode ✈

view instagram stories anonymously airplane mode

Instagram has secrets of its own but there’s one secret that almost no one knows of and it is that you can use Airplane mode to view Instagram stories anonymously. But how? Let’s find out!

  • Step 1: Launch your Instagram application on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Search for the profile you want to view the story of and go to their profile
  • Step 3: Stay on their profile for a few seconds and then turn your Airplane mode on
  • Step 4: Click on their story to view it anonymously once you’re disconnected from the internet
  • Step 5: Once you’re done watching the story, exit the application and close it from recent apps to stop Instagram from registering your activities while you are offline.
  • Step 6: Turn off the airplane mode and you can scroll like nothing happened.

Time for some third-party tools and websites 💻

Well, Instagram doesn’t allow any discrepancies on its platform, and privacy is a major concern for Team Meta. However, you’re in luck because this flaw allows users to view Instagram stories anonymously through some third-party tools. But keep in mind that such tools only work for public accounts.

To use these tools, you can go to any browser search for ‘Instagram story downloader’, and click on any tool of your choice. Such websites ask for the person’s username and that’s all. Type in their username and their story will be displayed on your screen within seconds. Here, you can either just view their Instagram story anonymously or even download it if you wish to.

Private profile? Create an Alternate account 🔒

The methods that we discussed here, mostly work for public accounts due to the restrictions Instagram has for private profiles.

Let us remind you that there is no official way to anonymously view some private account’s stories anonymously. However, there are some methods that can be used for this purpose like creating an alternate account and following the private account you wish to see the story of.

Moreover, you can also use third-party websites or apps for private accounts to view Instagram stories anonymously. However, such websites usually ask for account credentials which is not always safe. So be careful before you use any of these apps/websites.

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Parting Words

We hope this blog perfectly guided you through your query of “how to view Instagram stories anonymously”. No wonder it feels nothing less than being a hacker in a sci-fi movie trying to breach through security systems. Yes, the reality is way different, but you get the idea, right?

Now don’t be excited that you know a secret or two on Instagram because there are other hidden features lying around the platform. Just like the add yours Instagram sticker for IG stories which is an engagement magnet with the potential to help anyone gain tons of engagement.

People Also Ask

  1. How to view Instagram stories anonymously without an account?

There are many online websites that allow users to browse through Instagram and even watch anyone’s stories as long as the person has a public account.

  1. Can you view Instagram stories anonymously using the extension?

Extensions like Ghostify are a great option for anyone who wishes to view any Instagram stories anonymously.

  1. How can someone view my last Instagram story but not my first?

If you notice that someone has viewed your latest stories and not the ones that you uploaded at first, then it’s possible that your first stories didn’t load in that user’s account.

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