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Here’s How to Add Music to Instagram Story, Post & Reel

Learn how you can improve your Instagram game when you add music to Instagram story, post & reel. Know the benefits of inserting music to your IG content along with a complete guide on how to do it. And, by using these tips take your Instagram content’s reach to new heights.

Among the various social media apps, Instagram stands apart with its unique features. Adding music to your Instagram content would push them from mere simple moments into interesting videos. Music has the potential to make your content moving and impact a larger audience. It can beautify your posts and connect deeply with those who see them.

Whether you are posting songs, personal thoughts, or business updates, consider adding some background melody as it makes all the difference especially if combined with some visuals. Join us on a journey to explore how to add music to Instagram stories and other content.

Why Add Music to Your Instagram Content?

Before we move to the how part, let’s talk about why adding music to your IG content is important. These are some aspects in which your content gets improved when you add music to it.

Emotional Connection

Music has a magical ability to develop emotions. By using the right track in your content, you can showcase the mood of your content, whether it’s joy, nostalgia, or inspiration. This drives a more connecting experience for your audience.

Enhance Engagement 

Posts with music stand out in the crowd of content on the app. Adding a catchy tune not only captures attention but also encourages viewers to stay longer on your content, boosting engagement and interaction.

Showcase Your Personality

Your music choices offer a glimpse into your personality and interests. Whether you’re into soothing melodies or rock music, incorporating your favorite tracks adds a personal touch to your feed, allowing your audience to know about you on a deeper level. 

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

how to add music to Instagram story

By adding music to their Instagram Stories, creators can increase their attractiveness to the followers, hence increasing their Instagram Story views. To learn how to add music to your Instagram story, follow these steps

  • Go to Your Story icon 
  • Click Add Post to your Story
  • Capture a photo or video using the camera or select an existing photo or video from your gallery by swiping up
  • Tap on the Music Sticker
  • Select a song from the “For you library” or search for a specific song using Browse
  • After choosing the song tap “Done” in the top-right corner
  • Share your story by tapping “Your Story” or “Send To” at the bottom of the screen

How to add Music to Instagram Story without Sticker

While inserting music to your IG story through Instagram, you have to use music stickers from the app. If you wish to get views on your IG story while adding music but  without using stickers, you can utilize the following tactics

Use External Apps

Play the desired music in the background using a separate music app like Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud while recording your Instagram story. This allows you to bypass the sticker feature and customize your soundtrack.

Record from Other Devices

Play the music on a secondary device (such as another phone or a computer) and record your Instagram story while the music plays in the background. Ensure synchronization between the music playback and your story recording for a seamless experience.

Use a Video Editing App

Create your story content in a video editing app, overlaying the desired music track. Once you have edited your video, save it and upload it to your IG story for sharing.

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How to Add Music to Your Instagram Posts

Your IG posts are a great cause of why your IG followers engage with your profile. When you add music on your Instagram posts, it enhances their appeal and engagement. This can also lead you to increase likes on your IG posts. Following are the steps to add music to IG posts -:

  • Go to the Instagram app and tap the Plus Icon
  • Select a Picture from the Gallery or Capture a Picture
  • Press the arrow (or Next) in the top right corner;
  • Add a filter or edit the photo if you wish. If not, press the arrow (or Next) again
  • Tap on the Add music option in the menu that opens;
  • Select a song from the recommended options or use the search bar to find something specific;
  • Choose the part of the song you want to feature in the post
  • Tap the checkmark and Publish the Post

How to Add Music to Instagram Reel

Instagram reels serve as good platforms to indulge your audience in your profile. Putting some music in your reels does not only improve but also spikes the experience of your viewers which can increase views on your Instagram reels. To add music to your IG reels follow these steps

  • Open the Instagram App
  • Slide the menu at the bottom over to Reels.
  • While creating a reel, you can tap on the Audio button or browse the lists of the music.
  • Select the part of the music you want to use
  • Tap “Done” at the top right of your screen.
  • Click “Share” at the bottom right of your screen.

That’s how your reel will be ready with the perfect soundtrack to entertain your followers.

Make Your Instagram Bio Musical 

add music to Instagram

Instagram has come up with a new feature through which now you can add music to Your IG Profile Bio. Exciting, right? You can showcase your music choices to your followers with the help of this feature. This can even increase your IG profile views.

How to Add Music to Instagram Profile Bio

By adding music to your IG profile bio, you can connect with your followers on a deeper level. Let’s see how you can add music to your IG profile bio.

  • Copy the Link of the song you want to add to your profile
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Tap on the “Edit Profile” button below your bio to enter edit mode
  • In the bio text field, paste the link to the song you want to add
  • Tap “Save” to save your changes and update your profile bio

Solving Common Problems Users Face When Adding Music

While adding music to your Instagram content is relatively straightforward, it’s not without any challenges. Here are some common problems you can face while you use Instagram music.

Music Sticker Unavailable

If you don’t see the music sticker option in your Instagram story, there can be an issue with your location. Consider using alternative methods like external music apps or recording with a secondary device.

Copyright Restrictions

Instagram’s algorithms detect copyrighted music in posts and may mute or remove your content if it violates copyright. To avoid this, use music from Instagram’s library or royalty-free sources.

Syncing Issues

Ensure synchronization between the music playback and your story recording to avoid timing issues. Experiment with different volumes and timings until you achieve the desired balance.

Low-Quality Audio

Record your content in a quiet environment to minimize background noise and ensure clear audio. Try using headphones to monitor the audio while recording for better control.

Problem with Third-Party Apps

Make sure both the Instagram app and any third-party apps that are used by you are updated to prevent compatibility issues. Outlooking this can cause you great trouble and even lead to getting your account suspended. 

One IG user Mark tried to add music to his IG post using an unreliable third-party app. He told our team “Just 2 minutes after I posted on IG, Instagram suspended my account stating that I violated the platform’s community guidelines.” You can learn from this incident to be aware of using unauthentic third-party apps to insert music in your IG content.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Audio in IG Content

To make your Instagram audio experience seamless, we have created a table about some important things to be noticed before you insert music into your IG content. Consider this table to make your followers jam to the tunes of your Instagram music.

Post TypeStoryPostCarouselsReelsProfile Bio
Trendy Tunes
Keep it Short
Syncing Issues
Good Quality
Using Third Party Apps

Wrap Up

After completing this blog, you know enough to turn your Instagram post into a musical masterpiece. Whether it’s a hilarious short video or a beautiful still photo, adding tunes to it will take it up to the next level.

After knowing all the tactics on how to add music to your Instagram story, reels, and posts, you can now express yourself through your soundtracks. So, go ahead, add some music to your content, and watch it come to life.

People Also Ask 

  1. How to make music longer on Instagram story?

To make the music longer on the IG story, set the 15 seconds of the song for the first part of the video. Then hop on the next part of the video and add the same song there as well.

  1. Why can’t I add music to my IG post?

There can be several reasons of you being not able to add music to your IG post. Some of them can be outdated app version, feature rollout, poor internet connection, and more.

  1. How many seconds of music can I use on Instagram?

Instagram app allows its users to use 5,15 or 30 seconds of copyrighted music on the platform.

  1. Can anyone upload their own music to Instagram?

Yes, people can insert their music into Instagram posts and stories. They can upload it directly to Instagram’s music library or they can also add it to a streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music and use it from there. 

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