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Increase IG Stories and Reels with Instagram Cutout Sticker

Instagram Cutout Sticker feature lets you grab images and turn them into stickers for your Stories and Reels. Explore your creativity with memes, pet pics, outfit inspiration, and personalized decorations to personalize your account and connect deeply with your followers.

Ever scrolled through Instagram Stories and felt a need to create Stickers? You see that hilarious meme someone repurposed as a reaction sticker, or maybe your friend’s perfectly posed outfit just seemed Instagram sticker material to you. Well, those days of longing are over.

Instagram Cutout feature swoops in like a superhero, making you able to turn your creativity into amazing instagram stickers. Buckle up, because we’re about to make you the pro of cutout stickers that will take your IG reach to a new height.

How to Use Instagram Cutout Sticker

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Before you get into the tips to utilize Instagram cutout stickers, let’s explore the steps to use Instagram’s AI feature 

  • When creating a reel or story, tap at the top.
  • Tap Cutouts.
  • Select a photo or video with a clear subject.
  • A sticker will be automatically generated from the photo or video. If it’s not what you wanted, you can tap Select manually in the bottom left to select the object you want for your sticker.

    Note: you can only pick one object at a time for the sticker.
  • You can create your reel or story then, or save your sticker and use it later.
  • To access your sticker at a later time, tap stickers Stickers and select the sticker to add it to your reel or story. Stickers will be saved at the top of the sticker tray for you to use again

Creative Ways to Use Instagram Cutout Sticker for Stories & Reels

Feeling a little stuck on inspiration? Don’t worry, here are some mind-blowing ways to take your Instagram Cutout game to the next level –

Memes Magic

Is there a meme that perfectly sums up your current mood? Cut it out and let your followers know exactly how you’re feeling. Think grumpy cats for those “Monday blues” moments or a happy face, when you finally nail that baking recipe. Memes are the most engaging content on the platform and using instagram cutout stickers in memes can increase followers on your IG profile.

Pet Power

We all know the internet runs on cats (and maybe some dogs thrown in for good measure). So why not showcase your furry (or feathery!) friend’s most awesome (or wing-tastic!) pose as a sticker for all your pet parent pals? This will make your IG content more engaging and attract the audience to your account.

Fashion Forward

Spotted an outfit on your feed that deserves a standing ovation? Snag it with Cutout and use it to tell your followers where it’s from (with proper credit, of course!). This is a fantastic way to share your personal style inspiration or even create a fun “outfit of the day” series using existing photos. This can make your stories more engaging, leading to an increase in your IG story views

DIY Decorations

Let your artistic flag fly! Use Cutouts on backgrounds or artwork in your photos to create unique, personalized stickers. Picture transforming that beautiful sunset into an energetic video for the forthcoming Story, or celebrating your creativity by cropping a particular portion of a painting. Through this, you will see more likes on your IG posts and make them more attractive to those who follow you.

Personalization in IG Stories and Reels

Are you getting low views on your IG stories? Well, Instagram’s Cutout feature isn’t just about creating cool stickers, it’s about discovering a whole new level of personalization for your Stories and Reels. It allows you to curate content that reflects your unique personality and interests. By using this new instagram update you can increase your IG story views as well as reel views. 

GlamourGlow, a makeup brand launched an Instagram engagement campaign called #GlamourGlowCutouts, encouraging followers to use their custom stickers in creative ways. They offered incentives such as product giveaways and featured user-generated content on their official Instagram page. The campaign hashtag received 7000 mentions, and the branded stickers were widely used in creative posts by followers. 

Tips for Mastering the Cutout Feature

Now that you’re brimming with creative ideas, let’s get  into some pro tips to ensure your Cutout creations are flawless

Clarity is Key

For the cleanest cutouts, prioritize photos with a clear subject and good lighting. This allows the Cutout feature to accurately distinguish the object from the background, resulting in a crisp and defined sticker. A clear cutout sticker can make your IG content 60% more attractive to your viewers. 

Manual Magic

Don’t like the automatic cutout? No problem! Instagram offers a “Select Manually” option. This allows you to refine the selection by tracing around the specific part of the photo you want to turn into a sticker. It’s like having your digital finger paintbrush, giving you complete control over the final product.  

Sticker Stacking 

Gone are the days of boring, single-sticker Stories. Utilize this new instagram feature for layering your content. Stack multiple cutout stickers on top of each other to create a truly unique and eye-catching Instagram story. Imagine a hilarious meme paired with a cutout of your pet for the ultimate comedic effect, or combine a motivational quote with a stunning landscape image for an inspiring message.

Ready to Improve Your Instagram Stickers?

These were some strategies that you needed to know to use Instagram cutout stickers. Apart from these you can experiment and find your own Cutout groove. With a little practice, you’ll be a Cutout pro in no time, churning out sticker creations that will leave your followers in awe. Remember, there are no creative boundaries with Cutout. So unveil your inner artist, grab your metaphorical scissors, and get ready to transform your Stories and Reels into sticker masterpieces. 

People Also Ask

1. What is the Instagram Cutout Feature?

Instagram cutout feature is the new feature of Instagram through which you can customize your photos into stickers for further use.

2. How to delete Instagram cutout stickers?

To delete a sticker you’ve created with Cutouts, Create a new reel or story on Instagram >> Tap stickers Stickers. In the Your Stickers section >> tap and hold on a sticker you’ve created >> Tap Delete.

3. How to add product stickers to Instagram stories?

Tap the plus icon and select Story >> Select a photo or video to upload to your story >> Select the product sticker from the sticker tray >> Select the collection, storefront, or product(s) from your catalog that you want to feature >> Tap Done.

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